Getting Around

The Forty Acres is a pedestrian-friendly campus with a strong environmental ethic that encourages the community to be Green on the GO. Bike/pedestrian thoroughfares such as Speedway provide access to the heart of campus, while countless leafy pathways offer respite between classes. Whether you bike, skateboard, run, take the shuttle, drive or hoof it, finding your way around campus has never been easier.

Free Shuttle for Students

Students walk and ride to class on Speedway below the TowerAs the largest university shuttle system in the country, the UT Shuttle System provides an easy and cost effective way for students, faculty, staff and visitors to access campus with 14 different routes. Students, faculty and staff may ride the shuttles at no charge with a valid UT photo ID. Students, faculty and staff may also ride the city’s Capital Metro buses at no charge with valid ID.

Late-night Transportation Alternatives

UT also offers students a safe and convenient late night transportation alternative with E-Bus (Eating and Entertainment Bus) service to downtown entertainment destinations Thursdays though Saturdays.

Park & Ride

Park & Ride locations offer you a convenient place to park your car while you shuttle to campus.


Austin is a favorite destination for biking enthusiasts, so it's no surprise that bicycles are popular on campus. Bicycling is a significant component of the university's plan to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

A Pedestrian-friendly Campus

The Forty Acres is great place to stretch your legs and enjoy the history and natural beauty of campus. The best part: walking is free and great for your health.

Parking on Campus

If you must bring a car to campus, there are several parking options for students, faculty and staff and visitors

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Special permits are issued to students, faculty and staff with disabled license plates or identification placard.

Car and Van Pools

Commuters are provided numerous incentives, including reserved parking and reduced permit fees, when they carpool with a co-worker or student. Another “share the ride” option is the Vanpool Program that allows five to 12 individuals to commute daily to the main campus, the Pickle Research Campus or the WPR Building in a Capital Metro van.

Service to Major Cities

Want to head home for the weekend without the driving hassles? Texas Express is an exclusive non-stop bus service from campus to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio on weekends.

More Transit Services

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) offers a variety of transit options to help you find your way to and around campus. PTS also provides Emergency Assistance Services, including Emergency Battery Assistance and assistance with locked cars on campus.

Safety Tips

The University of Texas Police Department offers Safety & Crime Prevention Tips, including information on Emergency Call Box Locations, the SURE Walk and the E-Bus (Eating and Entertainment Bus).