Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for University Operations.

photo of Vice President Pat ClubbWe strive daily to enhance The University of Texas at Austin’s safety and physical infrastructure, and we’re dedicated to providing the myriad of support services that make this learning community one of the greatest places to study, work, create and grow in the world.


In the Spotlight

Bobby Stone wins Texas Parking and Transportation Association Distinguished Service Award

The Texas Parking and Transportation Association recently honored UT Austin's Director of Parking and Transportation Services with the 2013 Distinguished Service Award. Way to go Bobby!

USA Diving names UT Austin one of seven podium centers

It's official! Longhorn Aquatics and the Jamail Texas Swimming Center announced that USA Diving has named UT Austin one of seven podium centers. Congratulations on becoming part of this prestigious intitiative.

2013 Campus Master Plan

Campus planning is done with a long-term view that ultimately guides the day-to-day business decisions and investments of this great institution. Read more about the new master plan.

Communication assessment of University Operations in March 2013

Dr. Keri Stephens (College of Communication) and her graduate students will repeat the University Operations communication assessment, analyze the results, and make recommendations for improving communication specific to our units. The results will be shared with University Operations employees in June 2013.

For more information about the assessment view Dr. Stephens video. If you would like information about the results of our previous communication assessment view her 2008 report.

Survey of Employee Engagement Results

In March 2012 university staff were asked to participate in a survey measuring employee engagement. The overall results were positive for UT Austin. Our response rate was 40% and the indicators measured were generally comparable to other large organizations and institutions of higher education.

If you are interested in viewing the data from the survey, please see the executive summary and the aggregate data online. Questions about the survey may be directed to Cindy Posey.


Did You Know…

We enrich the university with conference facilities at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and Commons Learning Center on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. The AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center creates Special Events Programs designed to partner with and engage our campus community as well as provide faculty and staff with their own lunch time dining facility in the Carillon.

Flag & Tower Status

photo of UT Tower and Texas flag

The standard Tower lighting configuration will be used this evening.

The United States and Texas Flags are at normal staff.

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